Workshop - Modernisation of the Cadastre Part 1

Hosted by Brent Jones, USA, ESRI

Chair/Moderator: Mr Brent Jones

Rapporteur: Mr Brent Jones

Brent Jones, USA, ESRI
SR Mohammad Azmi Mohd Zin, Malaysia, PEJUTA Association of Authorised Land Surveyors Malaysia


This session is a detailed workshop on modernizing cadastral operations including field force automation, parcel management, visualization, analysis, public engagement and data dissemination.  This workshop will discuss and demonstrate operations of a modern cadastre with ArcGIS and geospatial infrastructure.  Attendees will learn the new land administration capabilities of the ArcGIS platform including the new parcel fabric recently released in ArcGIS Pro.


Keynote – Modern Land Administration

Brent Jones, PE, PLS, Esri

What’s the status of land administration systems around the world?  Who is doing what?  What are the trends?  Who in involved?  Technology is rapidly advancing how land administration agencies collect, manage and share data. New capabilities are enabling developing economies to leapfrog traditional survey practices and implement modern cadastral systems rapidly.  Managing data via web services is enabling distributed systems while eliminating duplicate data and efforts, improved data sharing, and modern engagement with citizens and taxpayers.


Technical Presentation and Demonstration                  

Jason Camerano, Parcel Fabric Product Engineer, Esri

Katherine Smyth, Solution Engineer, Esri

Brent Jones - Esri

Newly released, the parcel fabric in ArcGIS Pro is designed for the next generation of demands for cadastral agencies.  Fully services-based, the parcel fabric is now enabled with 3D/4D capabilities, user-configured workflows along with new functionality to connect cadastral features to the legal source defining rights, restrictions and responsibilities. 

            Parcel Management in ArcGIS Pro

            Task Automation in ArcGIS Pro

            Valuation and Visualization

            Digital Lodgment

            3D Cadastre

            Modern Public Engagement


The Australian Experience

Craig Sandy, Surveyor-General, Victoria

Rob Sarib, Surveyor-General, Northern Territory

Ian Harper, GeoData


Cadastral Reform:  The Malaysian Experience              

SR Mohammad Azmi Mohd Zin & Dato’ SR Hasan Jamil, Malaysia, PEJUTA Association of
Authorised Land Surveyors Malaysia


  • Session Details
  • LocationMeeting Room 4, Ground Level, Darwin Convention Centre
  • Session TimeThursday 15th August 1:00pm to 5:00pm

Modern Parcel Management

Brent Jones
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The Australian Experience - Craig Sandy

Craig Sandy
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The Australian Experience - Ian Harper

Ian Harper
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